Jacquelyn Demps Success Continues

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Jacquelyn (Jacqui) Demps is the Associate Director of Admission and Recruitment at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.  She is a native of Buffalo, New York who started her education at the University of Buffalo as an Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) student.  Ms. Demps states, “initially I was afraid to apply at UB.  Discouraged, someone told me to apply as an EOP student, I did, and in the summer of 1994 I was off to attend the EOP Summer Program.  I had no idea what I wanted to do once I enrolled, hence the changing of my major several times and the many days of sitting in my academic advisor’s office trying to plan life”. Jacqui continues to talk about her defining moments, “while I did not have a traditional path through my undergraduate career, often taking semesters off to deal with outside factors, what I discovered was a love for helping fellow students”. This is when she decided that higher education and student services was to be her path.  Ms. Demps comments that “the EOP team at UB had left such an impression on me I felt that I needed to give back that same time, dedication and genuine care to the next generation of scholars”.  She finished her undergraduate degree and also received her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.  Ms. Demps is continuing her education and in the process of completing her doctorate and plans to continue assisting students as she was helped many years ago.  We wish her well and great success!


Leslie Veloz, Student Association President 2017/2018

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Leslie Veloz is an Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) student who is a Junior studying English and Psychology from New York City. She chose to attend UB because she believed UB was the best place for her to get a holistic education that went beyond the classroom. Since arriving on campus she has immersed herself in club life and service. She’s held several positions on campus including being a student mentor, trip leader for mission trips around the world and Vice President of The Black Student Union. Leslie is now the 2017-18 President of the Student Association and hopes to make an impact on campus by focusing on Equity and Inclusion, Advocacy, Community, and Transparency on campus. She hopes that students will get inspired to join clubs and take on leadership roles by seeing someone that looks like them in office.


Stephanie Rodriguez Receives Diversity Abroad Honors Scholarship

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Stephanie Rodriguez, an EOP student was just awarded the Diversity Abroad Honors Scholarship for the Fall 2016 semester.  She will be studying in in Madrid, Spain this fall of 2016 at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.   Stephanie states, “I am very excited to study abroad next semester and it would not be Stephaniepossible without my advisor Kirkshinta Turnispeed whom will be deeply missed when she is gone “.




One of Our Own – Charleston Joseph

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Charleston Joseph, a graduate of the University at Buffalo and an EOP student 2012, made the News and Events at Buffalo State.  Charleston is a graduate intern helping students succeed at Buffalo State College. He is also fundraising to help send 9 Buffalo State students to Haiti.  The purpose of their trip is to share and learn from the community of Borgne in Haiti.  Charleston is helping to sell $20 t-shirts to raise money. Each t-shirt reads “Ayiti Cheri”, which means “my sweet Haiti”.
Read the News and Events at Buffalo State article:  https://newsandevents.buffalostate.edu/news/graduate-intern-helps-eop-students-reach-finish-lineVisit
Checkout Charleston’s Facebook page for more information about the trip to Haiti.

Garfield Walker to Participate in CLIMB UP

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garfield33The desire to become a physician was a conviction of mine from an early age. I entered UB knowing what I wanted to do and the sacrifices that I had to make in order to fulfill my dreams. I chose Biomedical Sciences as my major, and seeming as an act of providence, I was introduced to individuals who were in the position to point to and ajar doors that were beyond my perception. I have spent the past two summers after entering UB at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University participating in clinical research and learning fundamental aspects of clinical practices. Now, I am looking forward to what is in store for me from being a participant in the Summer 2016 CLIMB UP research program here at UB. The CLIMB UP programs has UB students working with UB physicians scientists and research faculty.

Congratulations Garfield Walker, an EOP, CSTEP, SSS and Honors student.


Educational Opportunity Program Student Heading to Medical School

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Congratulations to Ms. Shante’ White on being accepted to the University at Buffalo School of Medicine this Fall 2014!  Shante who is an Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program student and UB graduate has always been exceptional.  She was the EOP Summer Bridge Program Highest Honor Scholar and immediately accepted in to the UB School of Nursing upon application with a 3.727. Ms. White’s was also awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence as well as graduating with high academic honors in Nursing (cumulative QPA of 3.774).

Photo depicts Shante White, Educational Opportunity Program Student Heading to Medical School


Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) Highlights

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CSTEP students are in the news.  Below you will read about Christ Ange receiving a scholarship and Ledum Nordee an alumnus of CSTEP.  In additional, two CSTEP students Michael Singletary and Melissa Pierre-Louis talk about their amazing internship opportunities.

Scholar Profile:  UBAA Willie R. Evans Legacy Scholarship

The Legacy Scholarship program was established by the University at Buffalo Alumni Association (UBAA) through its board of directors to assist currently enrolled students who are children or grandchildren of UB alumni. The Legacy Scholarship, which was instituted in 2008, was renamed the Willie R. Evans Legacy Scholarship in 2009. When we think of the word “legacy”, we think of an inheritance – something valuable handed down; the concept of connectedness – as in a family; and heritage – the traditions, pride, and spirit. Willie R. Evans, a 1960 UB graduate, embodies all of those principles. As a student, he was part of the UB family; in particular, Willie played UB football and was a member of the 1958 UB Bulls football team that turned down an invitation to appear in the Tangerine Bowl because Evans and another black teammate would not be allowed to play alongside white players. As an alumnus, he has maintained his involvement with the university for decades. Willie has been involved with the UBAA since 1972. He is a lifetime member of the association, past president of the UBAA Board of Directors, and can be found at most University events still lending his support.

 This Fall, Christ Ange, or “Angel” to those who know her, was awarded the Legacy Scholarship for $3,000. She also participated in the 2013 CSTEP Summer Research Program where she worked as an intern with Dr. Rajendram Rajnarayanan of UB’s Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology. Angel is currently in the process of applying to UB’s School of Pharmacy and hopes to begin her studies in the Fall of 2014.  Congratulations Angel!

CSTEP’s Outstanding Alumni

Ledum Nordee, Engineer
Degree(s) year of graduation: Electrical Engineering, B.S. 2008
Original City: New York, NY
Current City: Waltham, MA

Ledom Nordee

Current Job Position: Power System Engineer, Eaton Corporation
Community Involvement: Active participant of United Way Corporate Partnership
Organizations And Affiliations: National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Alumni, IEEE
One fond memory of UB and/or CSTEP: As a CSTEP undergraduate research scholarship recipient (2007-2008), I was privileged to participate in the many activities setup by CSTEP to enhance academic experiences at UB beyond the classroom. I had the opportunity to get involved for the first time with a focused group of students and faculty who shared a common interest in promoting excellence in the STEM fields and gave students hands-on innovative science projects to work on.
Who you would like to thank: Shanna Crump-Owens, for her leadership encouragement and advisory assistance. Patricia Greer and Mary Boateng for their continuous friendship and patronage. Lastly, I like to thank Dr. Kwang Oh, who served as my research faculty advisor and continues to mentor me through my career in engineering.

Research Intern Spotlights:

Summer Mentor: Dr. Jessica Zirnheld, Assistant Professor
Internship Placement: Energy Systems Institute
Michael Singletary, Electrical Engineering. My research topic is “Phase and Ground Distance Relay”. This research focuses on protective relays, devices used to monitor and protect power systems, cutting the power of a specific area in the system in an effort to isolate the issue preventing any major damage. This Summer, I was introduced to the SEL-321 Phase and Ground Distance Relay, a device lent to the lab from the company Megger. Our research assists in the development of simulation algorithms used in categorizing faults, ensuring that whatever situation arises the relay will perform at a high degree of efficiency. Currently, I am tasked with researching new modes of implementation for relay protection. The CSTEP Summer Research Program isn’t just a program that provides research opportunities; it gave me access to alumni, scholarships, fellowships, friendships and networking. I learned that with being given opportunities, and taking advantage of them, you should also give back. These experiences inspired and motivated me to do the same for others.
Future Plans:  To obtain a master’s degree in the field of electrical engineering. My dream job would be to work at a company that’s innovative, unpredictable, and efficient. Excitement is what I’m looking for in a career which is partly why I joined the military. My military career goal would be to become an officer in the U.S. Army completing airborne, air assault, and ranger school. Also, I would also love to continue engaging in research that searches for a new form of power with the ability to sustain the global economy and ultimately replace fossil fuel completely.

Melissa Pierre-Louis

Melissa Pierre-Louis

Summer Mentor: Dr. Larry Hawk, Associate Professor
Internship Placement: Department of Pscyhology
Melissa Pierre-Louis, Psychology. My research this past summer was “A Literature Review of the Effect of Incentives on Working Memory (WM) among Children with ADHD.” Affecting approximately 5% of children worldwide, ADHD is characterized by symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity, demonstrated in multiple settings. Future investigations should examine additional schedules and levels of reinforcements, which may normalize WM for children with

ADHD. In addition, this review revealed that studies have only been conducted in school-aged children. It is critical to examine the effect of incentives on daily demands on WM that arise in the classroom and at home. I am still an intern in Dr. Hawk’s lab, helping recruit participants for a dissertation project. In addition, I have expanded the project I completed over the summer by adding new, relevant articles. I will also be looking at how methylphenidate (MPH) improves WM. This experience has been amazing because not only was it educational and informative, but it was uplifting and made me feel like the sky is the limit. The environment and workshops through the CSTEP Summer Research Program prepared and trained me to further any professional career. The internship has opened my mind to research and helped me to consider multiple career options. Most importantly, it was inspiring being around a great number of successful people. Overall, I wouldn’t change it for anything.
Future Plans: I would like to attend medical school and become an Adolescent Psychiatrist.


Educational Opportunity Program Advocacy Day in Albany!

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Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Advocacy Day was Wednesday, February 12, 2014.   There were seven students from UB who traveled by bus along with Denise Hare an EOP Counselor, to Albany.  The students were Lin Peng Gao, Dominique Case, Isaiah Davis, Ying San Leung, Emily Li, Dakwame Stewart, and Travis West. Along with the University at Buffalo students, there were also students from Fredonia, Geneseo, and the Buffalo Center.

EOPDay (12)-WNYdelegation-added1moreperson

Below is the press release for Assemblyman Ceretto where he is shown with three UB students and Tom Tucker, President of Buffalo Center Chapter of UUP.

Assemblyman John Ceretto (R,C,I-Lewiston) welcomed three students from the University of Buffalo to the Capitol to discuss the importance of education as it relates to the success of New York State’s next generation. The students, Travis West, Emily Li and Dakwame Stewart, talked with Ceretto about their college experience, college costs and student aid, how they can best prepare to enter the workforce, and the resources that higher education needs to deliver the best education possible.

 “The New York we are creating now is the one that the next generation of New Yorkers will live in long after my generation is gone. Given the struggles that young adults are facing with debt and the lack of job opportunities, it was great to hear their perspective on what direction our state needs to take. I thank them for coming and sharing their thoughts,” said Ceretto.

EOP advocacy day

Assemblyman John Ceretto pictured with University of Buffalo students Dekwame Stewart, Emily Li, Travis West, and United University Professions Chapter President Thomas Tucker at the Capitol.


UB Acker Scholar Uses Her Winter Abroad Experience in Mexico as an Opportunity to Fund Educational Scholarships for Child Street Vendors

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Senior UB Acker Scholar, Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez, participated in UB’s winter 2014 Study Abroad program in Mexico during her break from classes. What she thought would be a relaxing journey from the chilly Western New York weather turned out to be a life changing opportunity for her to help fund scholarships that would send several children, who were working on the streets of Mexico, to a local school for the entire academic year. “One of the trips we took to an organization that works with street children touched my heart, and from there, I sought financial support from friends back home and acquaintances at school.”

Christine was able to fully fund two scholarships to support child street vendors. These children of street vendors worked full days alongside their parents, selling various items to tourists.

Christine worked with the “El Sistema Municipal para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia de Cuernavaca” organization to help fund these children to return to school and gain an education. This government run organization was created by the First Lady to assist with the development of family integration in Mexico. Upon her return to campus this spring Christine hopes to help encourage her fellow UB student peers to surpass expectations by thinking creatively when studying abroad.

Christine winter2Featured on DIF Cuernavaca’s front page: http://lnkd.in/dbYhgNZ